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Jump into a perfect day with Laia Aguilar: filled with laughs, love, family and effortless beauty. That’s what this new 2023 Pre-Spring Collection is all about. This new line surfs between a classic-chic summer in the late sixties with pallid and oversize patterns and continues on with Ivy League inspired sportive outfits. You can find distinctive prints resembling a sunny day spent outdoors doing a family activity.

Cloud prints, cheetah inspired skirts, colourful cardigans and never forget the flowers are present in this collection inspired by, among others, the british summer landscapes captured by Andy Goldsworthy and a nice weather scene in the south of France. The proof, once again, of the beyond-infinitive ability of Laia Aguilar to time-travel and bring to life through garments scenes from the greatest past.

Pre-Spring 2023 TAO