A sun protection alternative

Fabric made from fishing nets

Made in Europe

Anti-waste packaging

Canopea created in 2016 by Constance Hartig is an eco-conscious brand that offers UV-resistant swimwear for children.

The brand found out that 10 % of ocean plastic pollution come from fishing nets, at CANOPEA, they chose to use a regenerated super-resistant nylon fiber, called Econyl®, which is made from rescued fishing nets and other post-consumer nylon waste.


These European made swimsuits offer UPF 50+ protection (this is a rating given to clothing to indicate how effectively the fabric blocks ultraviolet radiation) to be effective, a garment should hold the UPF50+ rating in order to filter 98% of harmful UV rays.

The sun protection comes from the tight weaving of the fiber itself, making it an extra eco-friendly choice.


For its sixth collection, UV-protective swimwear brand Canopea embarks on a journey of the senses in the south of France. Setting sail from the woodlands at the foot of the Alps to the shores of the water, the destination is the sun-soaked splendour of the Mediterranean sea.

Canopea / Spring Summer 2023