About Us

A stunning and unique place has just been born! Neo Family is an intergenerational concept store, both physical and virtual. The founder Stéphane Poncelet, conceptualized this exclusive project, bringing his contemporary vision of children's fashion to life.

Everything began in 2003 when Stéphane Poncelet decided to create the Showroom Poncelet at the time when the children's fashion market was rising and where designer labels emerged, entering in competition with French store chain brands. Being innovative with distinctive attributes, Poncelet demonstrates their differences with collection matching an emerging type of conscientious consumers. The successful collection "Finger in the Nose,"created back in 2003, was a symbol of the new children's fashion finding a niche in the fashion world. In the meantime, Milk, a cultural fashion magazine, enhanced this new trend in children's fashion. Together, these elements put forward the enrollment of kids fashion in the global children's fashion universe, including family, entertainments, travels, and a specific way of life.This evolution followed Stéphane's philosophy, being intuitive, generous and observing. To him, every child is unique in his or her behavior, attitude, and place within the family.Clothes, shoes, and daily objects have to reflect the child's singularity. The 90's conception of children's fashion, standardized and differentiated from parent's fashion no longer exists, as fashion boundaries between kids and adults fashion has virtually been erased. Today's trends move faster according to the continual change of the globalized market. Stéphane Poncelet follows these trends, sometimes initiates them himself. He listens, examines, but first of all he travels. For him, traveling is an unquenchable source of inspiration. Traveling allows him to meet foreign creators with a different vision and opinion of the market while making his mark on international fashion, design, and fair-trade. The Showroom Poncelet reflects the founder's energy, as well as his curiosity and sensibility to products, materials, and fabrics. Stephane gives his impulsive creativity, but listens carefully and thrives with ideas of collaborators and designers he works with.In this industry, we speak about the "big showroom family".

To attribute to the concept well established in the fashion industry and introduce himself to the public, Stéphane Poncelet created Neo Family Store where the integrality of showroom brands is exposed.


Discover our store in Lille : Zabou by Neo Family

Discover our store in Marseille : Un Ours à la Mer by Neo Family

Discover our stores in Paris : Le Pop Up by Neo Family / Galeries Lafayette Hausmann X Neo


Neo Family offers a selection of conscientious designers to responsible consumers who share the same values.