The story begins in 1946 - when our famous beach sandal was created, and is now an icon of the Méduse® brand.

A soft plastic sandal, recognizable by its spiked sole, rounded toe and braided straps. In the aftermath of World War II, leather was scarce and the innovative nature of plastic gave rise to the idea of a shoe created entirely from this material. Very innovative, it combines a new material and a new technique: injection molding. Initially designed in two parts, it was quickly manufactured in a single block.

A few years later, at the turn of the 1960s, women adopted the Méduse® plastic sandal and wore it on vacation and at the beach, coordinating it with their miniskirts and bikinis.

Today, Méduse® continues to manufacture and sell the original model. Our sandal has not changed since its origins. Its design has become timeless. Every year, it is dressed in new colors according to fashion trends. We all love it!

The Méduse® collection has grown and can now be worn all year round, on vacation or in the city, in summer or winter.

Every 6 months, Méduse® offers a new collection, a new range of sandals and ballerinas for sunny days, and boots and ankle boots for rainy days.

Created and manufactured in the West of France, our products reflect the latest trends and colors of the season.

All Méduse® products are made of phthalate-free plastic and are 100% recyclable.