Ludo game AIDEN

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Ludo game AIDEN

Wroom wroom. Watch out, we’re going to collide! Here is the classic ludo game for kids who loves cars. You get 16 small cars in four different colours and 2 dice in wood that match the other toys in the Aiden concept. Roll the dice and keep your fingers crossed that you get the number one or six. Because if so, you get to drive away on one of the roads that lead out to the exciting playing field where anything can happen. If you end up in the same square where someone else’s car is already standing, you will bump that player back into their parking lot again.
The game ends when all of your mini cars have reached the star. An exciting game that practices counting skills. And by the way, the box works as a garage for those who want to continue playing when the game is over.

Size Guide


Height (cm)

Weight (cm)

Chest (cm)

Hip (cm)


46-51 15-20 38 38


53-61 20-33 43 43


61-69 36-46 46 46


69-76 46-56 48 51


76-84 56-66 51 53


84-91 66-76 53 56


91-99 76-84 56 58


102-114 84-112 58 61
Ludo game AIDEN
Ludo game AIDEN
Ludo game AIDEN
Ludo game AIDEN
Ludo game AIDEN
Ludo game AIDEN